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Development History Of Packaging Equipment
Sep 01, 2017

1850 World paper prices tumbled, paper packaging began to use food. In 1852, the United States of America's F-Wally created a paper bag machine, resulting in paper products machinery. 1861 Germany established the world's first packaging machinery factory. 1911 produced automatic forming filling and sealing machine. The United States began producing liquid filling machines in 1890. A gravity filling machine was produced in 1902. At the beginning of 20th century, the British p. Durand used metal containers to preserve food, thereby appearing a variety of canned foods.

Since the 60 's, new materials have gradually replaced the traditional packaging materials, especially the use of plastic packaging materials, packaging machinery has a major change. The rise of the supermarket, the packaging of goods put forward updated requirements.

In order to ensure the rapid and safe delivery of goods, containers have come into being, and the size of the container has gradually been standardized and serialized, thus prompting the packaging machinery to further improve and develop.