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Hand In Hand And Win-win
Nov 18, 2017

Hand in hand and win-win


“Today ( November 28, 2017 ) is a very important day for Realpower (Foshan ruipuhua Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd), because the strategic cooperation between Ruipuhua and KEED (KEED Automatic Package Machinery Co., Ltd.) has a milestone in the development of Ruipuhua Company, thanks so much for KEED CEO, all friends, colleague taking the time out of your busy schedule to witness this important moment.

KEED company is in our beautiful island of Taiwan, having more than 40 years history in the world packaging machine with a certain position and a good reputation in the packaging machine industry in the top three in Asia, so can work with KEED is our high honor and pride.
Enterprises should have their own advantage and complements no matter big or small. The partnership will be established once one party have resources and create benefits to each other.”

 ----------- CEO Mr XIAO Guang Wen





The cooperation between KEEN and REALPOWER (Ruipuhua) will officially start from day, REALPOWER will manufacturing much more better packaging machines by traducing the top Asia technology, in order to create world brand by joining the world competition. REALPOWER packaging machines with world quality and Chinese price, so customer can use well and affordable.


The rotary flow packing machine with 3-Axis servo motor and mini box-motion type packing machine with belt feeding are on the market in the middle of 2018.


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