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Pillow-type Packaging Machine Maintenance And Maintenance
Sep 01, 2017

1. Clean the pillow-type packaging machine equipment, you must first turn off the power to ensure the safety of human aircraft.

2. Wipe the machine table surface and outer surface with clean and wet wipes to ensure that the pillow-type packaging machine is not scratched, this kind of cleaning, maintenance work to be carried out regularly.

3. Use compressed air to clear the feeding mechanism and the product scrap in the middle seal and end seal.

4. Use the oil-coated wire brush to remove the adhesive film fragments on the end-sealing knife, if the packing material remains above the sealing knife, this will affect the packaging of the next round of products, resulting in poor packaging effect.

5. Solid state breaker burnout, temperature control table damage, thermocouple damage when the thermometer can not control the temperature, repair method is to replace the galvanic, replace the temperature control table, replace the heating body.

6. There is the pillow-type packaging machine feeding place and the export department, will be residual product debris, it must be cleaned up, the use of air compressors can be cleaned, the effect is also very good.