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Prediction Of The Development Prospect Of Packaging Machine
Sep 01, 2017

Most of the food packaging enterprises in China is small, "small" is one of its main characteristics, at the same time, regardless of the industry development requirements, repeat production of those low-cost, technological level is backward, easy to manufacture of mechanical products, the industry about 1/4 of the enterprises have low-level duplication of production phenomenon. This is a huge waste of resources, causing chaos in the packaging machinery market, hindering the development of the industry.

The annual output value of most enterprises between millions of yuan to 10 million yuan, less than 1 million yuan in a number of enterprises. Every year nearly 15% of enterprises to turn over or fail, but 15% of enterprises to join the industry, extremely unstable, the phenomenon has hindered the stability of the industry development.

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of various food and aquatic products has put forward new requirements for food packaging technology and equipment. Food packaging machinery Competition is increasingly fierce, the future food packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment to improve, the development of multi-functional, high-efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.