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Cookies Packaging Equipment ZP-100

Cookies Packaging Equipment ZP-100

Commercial food packaging equipment has new requirements and enhancements for product packaging performance in the process of continuous advancement. Bring more new growth and new development to you in such a commodity market. Commercial food packaging equipment meets the hygiene standards of...

Cookis packaging equipment with high speed and CE

1. Technical parameters of ZP-100 horizontal packaging machinery.


Machine Model

ZP-100 horizontal packing machine

Packing speed

35-150 bags/min

Packing   material


Bag style

Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)

Bag size (L*W*H)


Film width


Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)


Heat power


Motor power


Total power


Overall weight


2. Characteristics and structural features of the ZP-100 flow wrapping machinery

1)      Automatic detect and set bag length without manual setting on the wrapping equipment touch screen

2)      Simple machine structure with flexible wheels, easy to maintain or change location. It guarantees long life span and hygienic.

3)      The single chip of main control circuit developed by our company. Digital screen and transducer control guarantees conveniently operation

4)      Double transducer control with stepless speed shift and wide adjustment, It can match well with the former working procedure of production line;

5)      Highly sensitive detector automatically and accurately monitors the whole packaging procedure.

6)      Independent temperature control guarantees beautiful and tight sealing packages.

7)      Suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material, packing size and products.

    3. Video of the ZP-100 horizontal flow packing equipment

1)         ZP-100 Spoon wrapper

2)     ZP-100 Ice bar packing machine

4. FAQ

Q:  What’s the packing material is suitable for our machine?

A:  Opp/CPPPT/PEKOP/CPPALU-FOIL. You are always welcome to send us some samples for confirmation.

Q:  What’s the thickness of the packaging film will be the best?

A:  Normally around 3 micro mm – 6 micro mm.


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