Automatic Tray Loading and Packaging Line

The automatic packaging system is designed for the product with a tray or box, and this packing line can automatically loading the tray and packing without any human operation. One worker can operate two lines, which saves employee costs for customer.This feeding and packing line equipped with deoxidiser or deoxidizing agent pad feeder, tray sucking down unit, tray automatic loading unit and packaging machine.

The packing speed of the tray loading and packaging line is 100-120 bags per minute.

1. Introduction of automatic tray loading and packaging line:

The automatic packaging system is designed for the product with a tray or box, and this packing line can automatically loading the tray and packing without any human operation. One worker can operate two lines, which saves employee costs for customer.This feeding and packing line equipped with deoxidiser or deoxidizing agent pad feeder, tray sucking down unit, tray automatic loading unit and packaging machine.

The packing speed of the tray loading and packaging line is 100-160 bags per minute.

2. Main Function of automatic tray loading and packaging system:

Auto tray-loading packaging line consists of distance controller, distributing conveyor, C belt, auto sorting unit, tray sucking unit, tray-loading unit, deoxidizer/ deoxidizing agent pad feeder, and packing machine. This packing system will help cakes(moon cake) distanced, distributing, and locating, meanwhile the system will finish tray sucking, delivering to the join point orderly, then complete loading and packing part.

Single packaging line packing speed can reach 100-160bags/min.

The whole packing system adopts 220V, 50HZ, single phase. Total Power is 13KW.(2 lines tray loading and packaging line)

The food packing system can use different packing models according to customers’ requirements or packaging specifications. 

This wrapping line can be equipped with a deoxidizer feeder and alcohol pad feeder.

3. Advantage of automatic food packing system for energy bar/ protein bar.

The horizontal packing line equipped with an auto aligning device and protective cover. The auto correcting device is optional.

Packaging machine with a simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. Easy adjustment for different products or parameter settings.

The Control system of the packaging system uses high-quality electronic, intelligent PLC, touch screens and good HMI, operating more simply and conveniently.

The flow packing line equipped with several different speed belts to arrange caramel Krispie treats to guarantee high speed stably and locate accurately.

The automatic food packaging machine and system use stainless steel and Nylon baffle, easy for operation and cleaning.

We will add 90-degree turning conveyor or 180-degree turning conveyor to the packaging system according to customers’ factory layout or space.

Equipped with metal detector and weight checker, which can automatic connect with the flow packaging system.

The packing line can align device and deliver to the sorting unit orderly to guarantee high speed stably and locate it accurately.

PU belt of packing machine can be discharged without tools in 1 minute and equipped with hopper to get product waste, which easy for cleaning and maintenance.

The tray loading system automatically separates trays and feeds deoxidizers or alcohol pads. It guarantees production continuously and totals automatically by improving food safety and effectively.

Left and right-hand version packing line available

The packing line allows changing among zig-zag cutter, wave cutter and strait cutter.

4.Application of up and down automatic packaging solution: 

This automatic tray packaging solution is designed for the regular shape objects with try or box, such as moon cake, mamon, toast bread, cake, mold cake.

5. Packaging samples:

mamoun packaging machine

moon cake packaging machine

6. Drawing of automatic packaging solution:

automatic tray loading and packaging system drawing

7. Packaging system details.

(1) Distance controller

The main function of the distance controller is to pull over the product distance or keep them in rows, then it’s easy for the packaging system arrangement.

Distance controller in blue for packing system (2).jpg

(2) Distributing conveyor

This distributing conveyor of the packaging solution is used to deliver products into different packaging machines. The length of these parts depends on customers’ production capacity or factory layout. This part only offers to that product come out in order with certain space.

Distributor for packaging system (1).jpg

(3) C belt

The C belt of the packaging system is used to change the products’ direction and deliver to different packaging machines. 

(4) Sorting unit

Sorting unit of packaging system introduction:

The sorting unit parts are consist of 2 conveyor belts and 5-6 sensors. 

The function of the sorting unit:

The main function of this sorting unit is to control the product feeding speed, located it, and connect it with the packaging machine automatically. Once it detected the product too much, the feeding speed will slow down, if lack of product, then the feeding speed will speak up soon. 

Advantage of the sorting unit:

Reducing human operation and make sure the packaging machine running at a stable speed with fewer product wastes.

(5)Deoxidizing agent feeder

This deoxidizing agent feeder or alcohol pad feeder is optional, which can keep the food life span be longer. And this part can automatically connect with the packaging system.

(6)Tray sucking unit

This tray sucking unit of packaging system can save lots of workers to separate those trays or boxes by this tray sucking unit. This part can be equipped with 4-6 suckers to match the packaging machine speed.

(7)Tray feeding and loading unit

This part is connected with the tray sucking unit and packaging machine, it helps deliver the boxes and automatically loads the products. Then that tray will deliver to the packaging machine and finish packing.

Packaging machine model suggest:

A.Rotary type packaging machine

Machine Model

ZP-500 horizontal packing machine

ZP-500SG packing machine

(3 Servo controlled Doulbe cutter)

ZP-500SG packing machine

(3 Servo controlled Single cutter)

Packing speed

35-300 bags/min

35-300 bags/min

35-200 bags/min

Packing material


Bag style

Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)

Bag size (L*W*H)

85mm-230mm, 20-90mm,5-50mm

60mm- infinite, 30-150mm,5-50mm

80mm- infinite, 30-150mm,5-55mm

Film width


Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)



Heat power




Motor power



Total power

5.6 kw



Overall weight


B.Box-motion type packaging machinery




RD-BM-508S Box-motion Servo Packaging Machine


Bag former(mm)

W100-200mmHMax 100mm  -- Big former

W50-100mmHMax 70mm    --- Small former


Bag length

Small outer diameter 80-400mm; Large outer diameter 100-400mm


Film Width



Packing Speed



Packing material



Machine size



Total Power




Single phase 220V  50/60HZ  Air pressure:0.6MPA


Overall Weight


packaging machine ZP-500SG

Box-motion packaging machine 508s


FAQ about packaging machinery:

Q: How many space we need for the tray automatic loading and packaging system?

A: Depends on the product capacity and your factory layout. But our standard 2 lines of the packaging system needs 7057mm length and 6982mm width.

Q: What’s the difference between the rotary type packaging machine and the box-motion type packaging machine?

A: Difference as below:

①Cutter type: The rotary type packaging machine cutter is rotary one, The box-motion packaging equipment is the box-motion type cutter.

②Machine parts: The cutter jaw unit of the box-motion type packaging equipment is imported from Taiwan.

③Servo motor: The rotary type packaging machine is step motor, single servo motor, 2 servo motors and 3 servo motors are optional. The box-motion type packaging machine is 4 servo motors.

Q: Do we need a spare packing line?

A: Yes if you have enough space. Because it will affect your production if some machine need maintenance, it’s better to have one spare packaging line.

Q: What’s the belt size of automatic packaging system?

A: The standard automatic packaging system belt size is 1000mm width and height 1000mm, but it can be customized.

Q: What kind of information I need to offer if we want to buy this automatic packaging system?

A: Product size and pictures, package details, capacity, factory layout in CAD format and wafer production video.

Q: Could you help us adding the finished conveyor to deliver the wafer package into another room for carton packages?

A: Yes, of course. We are professional in designing the food packaging factory, considering the product flow, worker operation direction and passageway.

Q: Could we just add air charging device, nitrogen or alcohol spray device for the flow packaging machine?

A: Yes, off course. But the speed of packaging machine will be lower a little bit.

Q: Do you have any specific requirement for the tray sucking unit?

A: Yes. We need the tray have gap and easy for separating. More details please check the attachment file. Or contact our sales.

Q: How many types of tray erectors for tray loading and packaging system?

A: There types, sucking one, mechanical pushing one and robotic system.

Q: Could you add Deoxidizer and alcohol pad automatically for the packaging line?

A: Yes, by adding one deoxidizer feeder. The speed is around 160-180 pieces per minute.


New office and packaging machine workshop

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And there will have a very huge meeting room and can contain over 200 people. Ruipuhua people are waiting for you to visit after in October 2021 year.  If you have time please contact Lotus. ( Email:, Whatsapp/ mobile: +8613420743171)





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