5 Servo Motor Controlled Multi-packaging Machine RD-BM-508S (Down film type)

The flow packaging machinery RD-BM-508S use box-motion end -seal design, very easy for operation and maintaining. This type of packaging equipment designed for the high product, secondary package, group package or family package.

1. Product introduction of flow packaging machinery RD-BM-508S(down film type). 

The flow packaging machinery RD-BM-508S also belongs to the down film type packaging machine, which is designed for the high product, secondary package, group package, or family package. This type of packing machinery controlled by 5 servo motors can pack multi-bags.

2. Characteristics and structural features of flow packaging machine RD-BM-508S(down film type)

(1) Box-motion End-seal: Very good-looking and well-sealed packages.

(2) Strict division betweeen product/packaging material handling and drive elements

(3) Minimum of mechanical parts. Low noise and university of the same parts where possible.

(4) Left and right han version available

(5) Strong Machine Body: Cantilever machine frame + integrated electrical cabinet.

(6) Belt Feeding Design: Easily operation and daily cleaning. F.B.F Type conveyor design (Film bottom-feeding) for multiple-item packaging purpose, such as 1*5 bags noodles and bag snacks.

(7) Sanitary Standard: SUS304 machine housing to meet highly regulated food grade standard.

(8) Full-cover safety cover, equipped with a safety switch (alarm stop), to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

(9)Compact and Small: No more than 2-meter long.

(10)Smart & High Tech: Servo motor driven and computer controlled.

(11) Easy Maintenance: Less mechanical parts and lower operating noises..

(12) A.F.C. (Auto Film Catcher): On request to with AFC to reduce operational downtime.

(13) M.I.S. Function (Misplaced Item Skip) helps to reduce waste and incorrect cutting.

3. Packaging style of packaging machine RD-BM-508S

Pillow pack center sealed, on request with or without gusset device.

On request with perforating, labeling , print coding, eye-mark locating, coupon inserting and tear strip, easy-tear notches and other auto feeding systems.

4. Main features and advantages of packaging equipment RD-BM-508S:

(1) Compact and Small: Occupy less space, easy to move.

(2) HMI Touch screen: 10.4-inch color touch panel, easier for a user to operate the machine,

(3) 100 Recipes: Able to save up to 100 product recipes for any complicated production

(4) Belt feeding: Easily for the user to do manual product loading and belt cleaning.

(5) Smart Belt Design: patent fast dismantles belt design, easily removable belt without any help of tools.

(6) No Product No Pack Function: With this function, no empty bag and no waste will be produced.

(7) Box-motion design: Blade is not easy to wear out, and no need to adjust.

(8) M.I.S. Function (Misplaced Item Skip): Efficiently to reduce waste and avoid incorrect cutting.

(9) Machine built according to CE standard

(10) The height of the packaging products is high

(11) Gussets and fold lines make the packaging more three-dimensional and beautiful

(12) Additional functions are practical, and optional devices are diversified.

(13) The touch screen of the HMI panel is integrated on the top of the machine. As an option, also an adjustable panel mounted on the swivel arm is available. Parameter entry, errors, alarms and production statics are all displayed on the HMI.

instand noodles finished bags.jpg

Secondary packaging finished bag (14 pouches/bag)

film support about packing machine.jpg

Film support (down film type)

output conveyor of packing machine.jpg

Output conveyor

touch screen 708 flow packaging machine.png

Touch screen

5. Packaging machine function and device:

(1) PID electronic temperature control x 4

(2) Detect printing electric eye point function SICK electric eye x 1

(3) Stop without paper / Stand by without material (to prevent empty package) / Stop with material clamping / Stop with abnormal temperature

(4) Miscutting protection: Displacement detection (if the packing material is in the wrong position, the cutter will automatically jump and cut without stopping)

6. Optional device of the packaging equipment

(1) Nitrogen device

(2) Printing device

(3) Wide and narrow knife holder (imitation handmade bag effect)

(4) Alcohol spray device

(5) Adjustable bag former

(6) Adjustable conveyor width handle

(7) Automatic bag noodle feeding systems

(8)SUS304 standard applied machine shell

(9) No product no pack function

(10) M.I.S. (Misplaced Item Skip) function

(11) HMI 10.4" touch screen

(12) Eye-mark function

(13) A.F.C. (Auto Film Catcher)

(14) Product collector or stacker

(15) Date coder

(16) Gusset device

(17) Automatic labeling device

(18) Euro hole punch

7. Packing machine details introduction:

A. Spool holder/ Film real support about packaging machine

The spool holder is self-centering and allows for easy film spool replacement

Automatic double spool-holders are available as an add-on option if a label applicator is not installed

Maximum packaging film width: 500mm

The packaging film is automatically centered

B. Seal wheel about packaging machine

The paper pulling wheel is individually controlled by the servo, the film pulling is smoother, and the bag forming effect is more perfect

Preheating device (better sealing and faster speed)

Longitudinal sealing wheel

Pattern: Reticulated

Width: 10mm

C. Head-cutter about packaging machine

The head-cutter imported from Taiwan 

Cutting knife type: tooth knife / flat cut easy mouth

Cutter width: 350 mm

Pattern: horizontal pattern Width: 8 mm

Advantage of the packaging machine head-cutter: 

It is more advantageous for products with higher packaging height.

Reciprocating feeding and unloading belt connection, no need for semicircle or chain net connection device, more stable transportation

The servo independently controls the cutter; different from the upper and lower cutters of the rotating knife, there must be some contact, the cutter has a longer service life, and there is no need to adjust the cutter pressure from time to time.

Mechanical gusset, easy to disassemble and high accuracy.


(1)Yaskawa PLC

(2)Japan Yaskawa Servo Drive Control System

(3)Yaskawa Servo Motor x 4

Delivery x 1

Film feeding x 1

Pull paper x 1

Cutter x 1


Use food-grade belt

Not limited by the length of the packaged product

Easy to connect to the production line and with the function of sorting line

Belt quick release design, easy to clean and maintain

F. Packaing bag former

Length min. 180mm, Width max. 300mm, Height: Max.120mm,

G. HMI touch screen 

Use a 10.4-inch color touch screen to facilitate operation

Equipment operation prompt, abnormal message prompt, etc.

Can store 100 groups of packaging products management

8. Packaging style:

Pillow pack center sealed, on request with or without gusset device.

On request with perforating, labeling, print coding, eye-mark locating, coupon inserting and tear strip, easy-tear notches, and other auto feeding systems.

9. Packaging material:

Printed, print registered or non-printed, heat sealable mono-layer or laminated film.

10. Application of packaging machine RD-BM-708S

Baking products, such as buns, bread, and cakes. 

Frozen foods, like a meat patty, burger, and chicken fillet.

For higher packaging products have more advantages.

1x3 bag noodle multi-pack

1x4 bag noodle multi-pack

1x6 bag noodle multi-pack

 2x5 bag noodle multi-pack

Other types of group pack, family pack or secondary pack

Bakery group packagingmachine

Bakery group package sample

Biscuit Group packaging machine.jpg

Biscuit group package sample

wafer secondary packaging

Wafer secondary packaging sample

dumpling packaging machine RD-BM-708S

Dumpling packaging machine

Technical Specifications




RD-BM-708S Box-motion Servo Packaging Machine


Bag former(mm)

L100-500mmWMax.200mmHMax 100mm   


Bag length

Small outer diameter 80-400mm; Large outer diameter 100-400mm


Film Width

Max. 500mm


Packing Speed



Packing material



Machine size



Total Power




Single phase 220V  50/60HZ  Air pressure:0.6MPA


Overall Weight


Main electrical components






PLC controller








HIMI touch screen




Sealing servo controller




Film servo controller




Servo motor




Frequency inverter




Reduction box




Temperature meter



group packaging machine RD-BM-708S.jpg

group packaigng machine RD-BM-708S.jpg

Q: How many samll bag can the RD-BM-708S packaging machine can handle? 

A: Depends on the small bag size and numbers. But normally the packaging equipment RD-BM-708S can package the group pack, like 1x3 bag noodle multi-pack, 1x4 bag noodle multi-pack, 1x6 bag noodle multi-pack, 2x5 bag noodle multi-pack.

Q: Do you have any idea to make the package looks more beautiful and luxurious?

A: Off course yes. Adding the folding line device. 4 lines or 6 lines for the package are optional. 

Q: Can we add one worker operation platform?

A: Yes. It’s optional.

Q: Infeed conveyor type is belt or chain?

A: The packaging machine RD-BM-708S has the type of infeed conveyor. One is belt type infeed conveyor, which including 2 blets. One is controlled by a servo motor. Another one is the pusher type, which easier to put product.

Q: What's the most special character RD-BM-708S packaging machine has?

A: With belt type infeed conveyor, the packaging machine is much smarter than the rotary packaging machine.

Q: How many products do the RD-BM-708S packaging machine can handle?

A:  The packaging machine can handle lots of products of different sizes. 

Q: Is it hard for operation if the packaging machine RD-BM-708S packages lots of products?

A: No. It's very simple. Just need to adjust the first time of the first product. Then our packaging machine can save those formulas.  Next time you just need the find out the product name and follow those settings. 

Q: The packaging machine can save how many sets of formula?

A: RD-BM-708S packing equipment can save 100 sets of product formulas.

Q: Have any optional devices for the RD-BM-708S packaging machine?

A:  Yes, the flow packaging machine has lots of optional devices as below:

  1. Adjustable bag former
  2. Folding-line device
  3. Automatic splicing film
  4. Extra infeed belt
  5. Extra out-put belt
  6. Adjustable conveyor
  7. Collection device
  8. Ink roll printer
  9. Thermo transfer printer
  10. Labeling machine
  11. Hole punch
  12. Easy-tear notches
  13.  Coupon inserting device

Q: Does the packaging machine cut products?

A:  No, the packaging machine has a sensor. No product not cutting, so reduce product wastes.

Q: Can the packaging machine stop if no product in the infeed conveyor?

A:  Yes. The flow pack machine will stop once it detects no product in the infeed conveyor. So it won't waste any packing materials.


New office and packaging machine workshop

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And there will have a very huge meeting room and can contain over 200 people. Ruipuhua people are waiting for you to visit after in October 2021 year.  If you have time please contact Lotus. ( Email: [email protected], Whatsapp/ mobile: +8613420743171)





Certification About Flow Packaging Machinery

CE 2020
CE Certification N95 Mask Machine
CE Disposable Face Mask Machine
CE Reports N95 Mask Machine
CE Reports Automatic Face Mask Machine
EC 161125

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