Sandwiich biscuit packaging system

This type of packaging solution is designed for the sandwich biscuit industry, which can capable of single biscuits and multi-piece biscuits. The packaging system can automatically connect with the biscuit sandwich machine, stacking machine, then automatically feeding the biscuit, and finally finish packaging.

Automatic food process and packaging system for biscuit industry

1. Introduction of automatic horizontal wrapping equipment for  cookies biscuits:

The flow packaging machinery for the cracker biscuit industry can package rice cake, cracker biscuits. The packing speed can be up to 250 bags per minute. This biscuit packaging system can be connected with the biscuit processing machine to feed the product automatically and continuously, to achieve two or more pieces of laminated packaging.

2. Main Function of cracker biscuit flow packing machine with tray feeding and loading unit:

  • The biscuit automatic clamping machine is composed of a stretch conveyor, a distribution conveyor, an automatic sorting unit, a sandwich machine, and an automatic packaging machine. The biscuit and other products are sorted and sorted, automatically distributed, automatically turned over. Feeding into the sandwich machine in an orderly manner. As positioning and packaging are full automatically, achieve the effect of continuous production, high speed, and low cost.
  • The packaging speed of a single line can reach 350 bags/min (depending on product size and packaging form).
  • The whole line uses 220V 50HZ power supply, as shown in the figure, the total power of one to three is about 9KW (not including the packaging machine).

3. Advantage of the automatic food packaging system for cracker biscuits:

  • The horizontal packaging line is equipped with an auto aligning device and protective cover. The auto-correcting device is optional.
  • Simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning, and maintenance. Easy adjustment for different products or parameter settings.
  • PU belt can be discharged without tools and equipped with a hopper to get product waste, which is easy for cleaning and maintain the packaging system.
  • The Control system uses high-quality electronic, intelligent PLC, touch screen, and good HMI, operating more simply and conveniently.
  • The feeding and packing line is equipped with 304 stainless steel baffle, motive PU baffle, or nylon baffle, easy for operation and cleaning.
  • Dismantle the belts without tools in one minute, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s easy and fast to change films and setting when changing products with different sizes.
  • Simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. Easy adjustment for different products or parameter settings.
  • The packaging system equipped with a food-grade blue anti-microbial PU belt, anti-sticking belt, and white PU belt is also optionally available.
  • High-quality electric components are adopted in the control system, intelligent PLC, touch screen and wonderful HMI make the operation easy and intuitive.
  • The Left and right-hand versions are available. 
  • Stable, high speed, auto turning, auto feeding, and accurate location by the function of Multi-stage by differential speed pulling distance finishing

  • It can be equipped with multiple sandwich machines according to the production capacity, with high speed, high efficiency and low cost, which can meet various packaging forms such as lamination and sandwich.

4. Application of automatic packaging machinery: 

The biscuit automatic clamping machine is mainly for biscuits and other products with regular shapes to be automatically fed into the sandwiching machine and packing. The front end can be connected to the production line to continuous automatic feeding, automatic sandwiching, before and after multiple stacks, and another packing type.

5. Packaging samples:

sandwichcookie biscuit packaging line

sandwich biscuit packaigng machine


6. Drawing of automatic packaging solution:

sandwich cookie biscuit packaigng system

Packaging machine model suggest:

A.Rotary type packaging machine

Machine Model

ZP-500 horizontal packing machine

ZP-500SG packing machine

(3 Servo controlled Doulbe cutter)

ZP-500SG packing machine

(3 Servo controlled Single cutter)

Packing speed

35-300 bags/min

35-300 bags/min

35-200 bags/min

Packing material


Bag style

Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)

Bag size (L*W*H)

85mm-230mm, 20-90mm,5-50mm

60mm- infinite, 30-150mm,5-50mm

80mm- infinite, 30-150mm,5-55mm

Film width


Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)



Heat power




Motor power



Total power

5.6 kw



Overall weight


B.Box-motion type packaging machinery




RD-BM-508S Box-motion Servo Packaging Machine


Bag former(mm)

W100-200mmHMax 100mm  -- Big former

W50-100mmHMax 70mm    --- Small former


Bag length

Small outer diameter 80-400mm; Large outer diameter 100-400mm


Film Width



Packing Speed



Packing material



Machine size



Total Power




Single phase 220V  50/60HZ  Air pressure:0.6MPA


Overall Weight


500 packaging machine.jpg

packaging machine ZP-500SG.jpg

Packaging equipment RD-BM-508S

sandwich cookie biscuit packaigng system

Sandwich biscuit packaging system

FAQ about packaging machinery:

Q: What’s the difference between the rotary type packaging machine and the box-motion type packaging machine?

A: Difference as below:

①Cutter type: The rotary type packaging machine cutter is rotary one, The box-motion packaging equipment is the box-motion type cutter.

②Machine parts: The cutter jaw unit of the box-motion type packaging equipment is imported from Taiwan.

③Servo motor: The rotary type packaging machine is step motor, single servo motor, 2 servo motors and 3 servo motors are optional. The box-motion type packaging machine is 4 servo motors. 

Q: Do we need a spare packing line?

A: Yes if you have enough space. Because it will affect your production if some machine need maintenance, it’s better to have one spare packaging line.

Q: What’s the application of biscuit automatic packaging system?

A: It designed for packing biscuit industry, such as biscuit, cookies,walnut cake, cracker biscuit, sandwich biscuit and other regular shape objects. 

Q: What’s the difference between the sink type packaging system and the bread automatic packaging line?

A: The difference between the sink type packaging system and the bread packaging line is as below:

1) Structure different:  the sink type packaging system has the sink type conveyor, but the bread packaging line just have the transit conveyor.

2) Product application: The sink type packaging system is suitable for those products come out in order or soft product, such as the swiss roll, layer cake, steamed cake and muffin. The bread packaging line is for those products come out disorders.

Q: Can the packing system pack two layer biscuit, like 2 piles and each pile two piece?

A: Yes. Add the biscuit lamination device.

Q: How many lines we need for our biscuit production?

A: It depends on the production line capacity, and our single packing line maximum speed is 150-180 bags per minute per line. 

Q: Could our biscuit packaging solution can package 4 pieces (1 pile*4)biscuit?

A: Yes, just add some laminating device.

Q: What’s size of our standard cracker biscuit packaging lines?

A: The standard biscuit packaging system total is 5 lines, in order words, 5 sets of packaging machine. Total length need 12381mm, width needs 4351mm.

However, we can design the packaging system according to your biscuit size, character, biscuit package style, capacity and factory layout.

Q: What is the capacity of the cracker biscuit packaging system?

A: Depends on the cracker biscuit package style. If package type is one piece per bag, the packaging speed of each line can up to 100-250bags per minute. And the standard 5 biscuit packaging lines are 500-1250 pieces per minute.

Q: Could we add metal checker and weight checker to our packaging solution?

A: Yes. 

Q: What information need to offer for biscuit packaging solution?

A: Need the following information for the biscuit packaging solution:

(1)Biscuit information, such as biscuit size, character, shape and biscuit pictures.

(2)Biscuit package style: how many pieces per minute? How them in the package?


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