ZP-3000S Flow packaging machine Belt type infeed

We have 20 years export experience, including Germany, UK, France, USA and other Europe country.

The flow packaging machinery ZP-3000S is down film packing machine, which is suitable for sticky product or multi-piece in one bag. The packaging speed can up to 150 bags per minute.

1. Product introduction of ZP-3000S horizontal sealing equipment

We have 20 years of export experience, including Germany, UK, France, USA, and other European countries.

The flow packaging machinery ZP-3000S is a down film packing machine, which is suitable for sticky products or multi-piece in one bag. The packaging speed can up to 150 bags per minute.

2. Characteristics and structural features of ZP-3000S horizontal flow wrapping machine

1. The plastic film packaging equipment detects and sets bag length automatically.

2. The pillow-type packing machine easy to maintain or change location, guaranteeing long life span and hygienic.

3.The single chip of main control circuit developed by our company. 

4. Digital screen and transducer control the wrapping machine, to make sure operation conveniently. 

5. Double transducer control with stepless speed shift and wide adjustment, It can match well with the former working procedure of production line;

6. The flow pack machinery automatically and accurately monitors the whole procedure by highly sensitive sensors

7. With menu storage and memory function, the controller can save multiple sets of parameter configurations, and when the product or packaging film is changed, the formula can be used by calling out on the touch screen.

8. The industry-leading electronic cam algorithm, the bag length range is 90mm --- unlimited length, the bag length is set and cut immediately, in one step, saving time and film.

9.Advanced electronic anti-cutting, electronic anti-aircraft bag algorithm. The feed detection electric eye will automatically position the product, and the empty material film will stop, saving packaging materials.

10. Horizontal sealing, vertical sealing, and feeding are all controlled by independent servo motors, with simple mechanical structure, stable operation, and low noise.

11. Man-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting, automatic tracking of color code, automatic correction of cutting length. Digitally input the sealing and cutting position to make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

12. The fault is automatically diagnosed, and the fault display is clear at a glance.

13. Automatic centering single support paper, well-known brand servo motor / PLC/touch screen This is a stand-alone standard configuration.

14. Inflatable, alcohol spray, anti-cutting material, coding machine, discharging brush, stainless steel are optional for a single machine.

15. The standard horizontal sealing cutter shaft center distance is 132 double cutters, and the cutter distance can be changed to 114 or 90. According to the actual size of the product, when the product is small and the required packaging speed is high, the cutter distance 114 or 90 can be selected.

3. Application

The packing machine ZP-3000S applicable for packing sticky, soft, and irregular granular products, such as packing sweetmeats, package towels, packing tissues, packing noodles, package medicine, packing sausages, packing hotel commodities, packing fresh fruits, package hardware, and so on.


hardware packaging machine ZP-3000S

onion flow packaging machine ZP-3000S


Technical parameters of ZP-3000S HFFS machine

Machine Model

ZP-3000S horizontal packing machine( 3 Servo motors )

Packing speed

35-80 bags/min

Packing material


Bag style

Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)

Bag size (L*W*H)

90- unlimited,35-140mm,5-50mm

Film width


Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)


Heat power


Motor power


Total power

6.3 kw

Overall weight


Q: What is difference between the upper film and down film packaging machine?

A: The most difference of the packaging machine is the film support location not the same. The application will be different also. The down film packaging machine normally use for the sticky product or secondary package.

Q: What is the main function of the temperature of date printer the wrapping machine?

A: Adjust the date printer temperature if the date is not very clear.

Steps: Please press the “set” button and the “50” signal will show. In that case you can add or reduce temperature by the right buttons. 

Q: What’s the difference between the rotary type packaging machine and the box-motion type packaging machine?

A: Difference as below:

①Cutter type: The rotary type packaging machine cutter is rotary one, The box-motion packaging equipment is the box-motion type cutter.

②Machine parts: The cutter jaw unit of the box-motion type packaging equipment is imported from Taiwan.

③Servo motor: The rotary type packaging machine is a step motor, single servo motor, 2 servo motors, and 3 servo motors are optional. The box-motion type packaging machine is 4 servo motors.


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Certification About Flow Packaging Machinery

CE 2020
CE Certification N95 Mask Machine
CE Disposable Face Mask Machine
CE Reports N95 Mask Machine
CE Reports Automatic Face Mask Machine
EC 161125

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