ZP-500 Flow Packing Machine for Chocolate Bar in 350 Bags Per Minute with Ce and Lifelong Maintenance

The flow packaging machinery ZP-500 is an upgrade model, which is heaver and seal tighter and better. Moreover the speed is up to 350 bags per minute with automatic splicing film function.

1. Product introduction of ZP-500 chocolate bar horizontal wrapping machinery

The flow packaging machinery ZP-500 is an upgraded model, which is heaver and seals tighter and better. Moreover, the speed is up to 350 bags per minute with an automatic splicing film function. This wrapping machine reduces human operation by changing or adjusting the film again once the film is used up.

uses 3 servo motors that create quick and easy changeover and adjustment, reduces product and film waste during production, and offer low maintenance costs. Servo drives assure precise positioning, smooth acceleration-deceleration.

Standard features include pre-programmed and stored product set up, stainless steel frame construction, user-friendly color touch screen HMI, auto-open/close rotary fin wheel assembly, and rotary seal jaws with jam detecting logic.

Flow Wrapping or Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) is the process of making a horizontal bag from a single roll of film. Heat is applied to the bottom and ends of the film to form a sealed, flexible package already filled with products. Flow wrap packaging is used for a variety of products from food and bake goods to regular household items and stationery.

2. Characteristics and structural features of ZP-500 High-speed chocolate bar packaging machine

(1) The flow wrapping machine is automatic setting bag length.

(2) Simple machine structure with flexible wheels, easy to maintain. The packaging machine guarantees a long life span and hygienic.

(3) The single-chip of the main control circuit invented by RUIPUHUA. Digital screen and frequency control guarantees conveniently operation 

(4) The horizontal packaging machine can automatically connect with the production line speed.

(5) Highly sensitive detector of the heat sealing equipment automatically and accurately monitors the whole production. 

(6) Independent temperature control guarantees beautiful and tight sealing 

(7) Suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing materials and packing sizes.

(8)With a dual film support unit, which can automatically splicing film, it’s easy to exchange film with high accuracy

3. Application of wrapping equipment ZP-500

Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as packing pies, package cookies, packing biscuits, packing chocolate, packing candy, package medicine, package hardware, and so on.

Technical parameters of Pillow type packaging equipment

Machine Model

ZP-500 horizontal packing machine

Packing speed

35-350 bags/min

Packing material


Bag style

Pillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)

Bag size (L*W*H)


Film width


Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)


Heat power


Motor power


Total power


Overall weight


ZP-500 packaging machine for Chocolate bar

Q: If the film used up, do we need to stop the packing machine?

A: If you don’t have the automatic splicing film function, you need to stop the machine and reset the film. If you have, you don’t need to. 

Q: What’s the advantage of the automatic splicing film function of the packaging machine?

A: Save time , human operation and product waste, because you don’t need to slow down or stop the packaging equipment.


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Certification About Flow Packaging Machinery

CE 2020
CE Certification N95 Mask Machine
CE Disposable Face Mask Machine
CE Reports N95 Mask Machine
CE Reports Automatic Face Mask Machine
EC 161125

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